Southern Decorative Concrete

There is an art to taking something that many people think of as plain or unattractive and making it beautiful. While concrete has always been thought of as a material that is mostly desirable for its durability and practicality, we saw something that could easily be transformed with endless possibilities for customization. We started Southern Decorative Concrete to provide homeowners and businesses in Birmingham, Alabama with professional custom decorative concrete work. We wanted clients to have an affordable flooring option that could meet their needs in terms of both form and function. Over the past several years, we have been showing people that it is not necessary to sacrifice beauty in the name of practicality. Concrete flooring and flatwork could be both visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing, as well as durable and long lasting.

Our company has a great team of concrete experts who are passionate, hardworking, and honest. They are committed to providing the highest quality workmanship and helping our clients realize their vision. Each member of our team has years of experience, as well as extensive training in working with concrete and floor coatings. Their unrivaled knowledge, skills, and experience, ensure that our clients always receive top notch work from our company. In addition to their skills, they possess a keen aesthetic sense that allows them to design and produce stunning custom concrete work. We work together to make sure that we consistently meet the expectations of our clients and provide them with a satisfactory experience.

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