Stamped Concrete & Overlays

Unique Stamped Designs for Concrete

Concrete stamping is the perfect solution for homeowners who want something that can give their driveways, walkways, patios, or pool decks a more unique and interesting look. Stamped concrete surfaces hold up well even when exposed to wind, water, UV rays, and daily traffic. At first glance, stamped concrete can look indistinguishable from stone, brick, or other costlier but less durable materials. However, unlike these commonly used paving materials, concrete is easier to maintain, requires fewer repairs over time, and ultimately lasts longer. Southern Decorative Concrete provides custom concrete work for residential and commercial property owners throughout Birmingham, AL. Our skilled team possesses the artistry, creativity, experience, and skill needed to help our clients achieve the look they desire for their concrete flooring with speed, efficiency, and consistency.

Stamped Concrete

Freshly poured concrete can be stamped with a pattern or design before it completely cures to give it an appearance similar to paving materials such as brick, tile, or stone. When combined with a rich, vibrant stain, the result will be a unique and beautiful concrete surface that will turn heads and garner many compliments. We offer our clients variety of options for concrete stamping to help them achieve any look they desire.

Birmingham Decorative Concrete Experts

Here at Southern Decorative Concrete, we have a strong reputation for providing affordable, high quality custom concrete work for clients in Birmingham, Alabama. Our beautiful and unique concrete floors and decorative concrete flatwork has garnered much attention and praise over the years. From garages to pool decks, our decorative concrete work will beautify your property and provide you with strong, durable flooring for years to come. We have a keen eye for detail and an unmatched work ethic that allow us to consistently deliver outstanding results. Whether you are looking for professional concrete polishing, staining, or stamping, our company can offer you the best workmanship and thoroughly customized designs at a competitive cost that can’t be beat.


Existing concrete that has already cured and hardened cannot be stamped. Instead an overlay is used to create an effect that is identical to stamped concrete. We will progressively add layers to the surface of your concrete in order create the desired pattern or design. This not only allows you to enjoy the look of stamped concrete without having to rip out your existing concrete for a new installation, but also provides an effective method for hiding flaws and imperfections without expensive repairs or resurfacing.

One-of-a-Kind Design

We give our clients full creative control when it comes to customizing the look of their stamped concrete or overlay. Because every individual has their own unique tastes and aesthetic preferences, this often means that each custom design is one-of-a-kind. It is unlikely that anyone out there in Birmingham, AL will have the exact same stamped concrete flooring as you. We will help make your more reflective of your style or brand image and ensure your home or business stands out for all the right reasons. To begin designing your custom stamped concrete floor, speak with our experts today.

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