7 Things to Do in Birmingham, AL

Heard a lot about the beautiful city of Birmingham, AL but not quite sure of how to go about exploring its secrets? Well, you are in the right place. Regardless of whether you are a native still discovering more about your city or just a visiting tourist, our article on top things you need do in the city of Birmingham is sure to get you started on the right path.

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Attractions and Activities in Birmingham, AL

#1 Enjoy a Music Performance at Moonlight on the Mountain

Located on Shades Crest Road, Moonlight on the Mountain is a music performance venue. It has a capacity of 100 people, and you can enjoy concerts, acoustics from singers and songwriters in a smoke-free atmosphere. Styles of music range from country, folk to bluegrass.

The venue also hosts special events so be sure to check out their site for more information in case you would love to visit during that time. Note that the venue does not serve drinks or food so if you plan to attend for a long time, bring along your own snacks.

#2 Get a taste of beer at Trim Tab Brewing

Trim Tab Brewing is a craft brewery tucked in Birmingham. The brewery has a tap room where live musical performances are held and a tasting gallery. Some of the flagship beers of the brewery include Trimtab India Pale Ale and Pillar to Post Rye.

The brewery also makes seasonal beers like Rescue Ship Pale Ale and Raspberry Berliner Weisse. So, if you have a desire for a specific beer, make sure it is in season. A tour of the brewery facilities can be arranged by placing a call to the management.

#3 Visit the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

Ever wondered about the athletic history of the indigenes of Alabama, well the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame and Museum is one place you can go to, to satisfy this curiosity. The museum was built specifically to house the rich athletic history of the state. The museum boasts of at least 5000 artifacts depicting the athletic history of Alabama.

#4 Learn About Science at the McWane Science Center

Want to know more about dinosaurs and their brain sizes? Well, the McWane Science Center has a lot of fun facts and interactive sessions about science. The center boasts of exhibits such as sea monsters, dinosaurs and a water aquarium among other things.
If you have kids, this is definitely a fun place to take them to. There is a lot of fun to be had with the hands-on teaching.

#5 Visit Vulcan Park

On top of Red Mountain Birmingham, AL, lies a 56-ft great depiction of a man that rivals the Statue of Liberty for size. This 50-ton massive statue of the Roman god Vulcan is the largest cast iron statue in the world. The park also serves as home to the Vulcan Museum which holds, exhibits and lectures among other events.

#6 Feel the heat at Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

The city of Birmingham, AL was once a powerhouse in manufacturing and smelting of iron ores. The Sloss Furnaces between the periods of 1882 and 1971 were very active and helped in pushing Birmingham, AL as a top producer of steel and iron. In the present day, the furnaces are a National Historic Landmark and are used to the history of the iron industry.

#7 Get fresh produce at Pepper Place Saturday Market

Established in the year 2000 to bring the local farmers closer to residents, the market is a place to visit when in search of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can find anything in the market ranging from fresh bread, cheese, sausages, and home decorating items.

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