How to Take Care of Epoxy Flooring​

Epoxy floorings also referred to as terrazzo are comprised of stone or marble chips suspended in a mortar. In the past, cement mortar was used to suspend the marble chips, but in present-day Concrete Birmingham, AL makes use of epoxy resins that are durable, lightweight and easy-to-maintain. The stain and scratch resistant nature of epoxy floorings make them an excellent choice for practical and aesthetic purposes.

However, like other flooring options, epoxy needs to be well taken care of so that it can maintain its durability. Below, we have enlisted steps on how to care for epoxy flooring to increase its lifespan.

Maintenance Tips for Epoxy Floorings

Daily – Sweep the Floors

Do not let dirt or dust accumulate on the epoxy floor. Allowing the accumulation of dirt on the floor makes it easy for the dirt to be ingrained within the epoxy thereby making it hard to remove in future. Therefore, make use of soft-bristled brooms or mechanized sweepers to sweep the floor at least once a day.

Daily sweeping of the floor reduces the chance of hazards occurring. It also helps improve the durability and long-lasting nature of the floor.

Weekly – Wash the Floors

How often do you wash your floors? Although washing is not something that can be done on a daily basis for most people, at least once a week should do to ensure the floor maintains its shiny coat. However, if you epoxy floor is in a high traffic area, then you might have to increase the number of times you wash it.

When washing the floor, avoid detergents, soaps and wax removers made from alkaline solutions. Cleaners made from alkalis damage the epoxy resin thereby reducing the durability of the floor and also its beautiful appearance.

Immediately – Clean Spills

Liquid spillage on the epoxy floors should not be left for long. Not only does this pose a safety hazard, but it also affects the grains of the epoxy thereby reducing its durability. Epoxy floors vary in their resistant nature so regardless of the type of spillage, ensure that they are taken care of immediately.

Appropriately – Take care of Stains

Letting spills stay on the epoxy floor for an extended period increases the likelihood of It setting. Once a stain or spill sets, the process of removing becomes harder. The best way to treat stains should be according to what the floor setter dictates. If the manufacturer of the epoxy floor says to use certain items, then it is best to use those items to avoid damaging the floor. However, if you are unsure, ask Concrete Birmingham, AL.

Never – Make Use of Sharp Objects

Did a stain set on your epoxy floor and you think scratching at it would be a brilliant way to remove it? Then you are wrong! Instead of removing the stain, you are creating more significant problems as sharp objects can leave gouges and marks thereby affecting the appearance of the floor. Most epoxy floors are made to be scratch resistant, but there is a limit to this.

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