Our Day at the Mcwane Science Center

My family and I recently had the opportunity to visit Birmingham, AL. At this moment, we are all glad we did. We visited about seven places, but one area that really stuck out to me due to the fun experience was the Mcwane Science Center. Before getting to Birmingham, AL, I had already investigated the cost of entry on the center’s website, and we ended up spending $64 in total ($18 per adult, we were 2 adults and $14 each for our 2 kids.)

The cost of our ticket was based on the fact that we wanted to visit the Adventure Halls and IMAX Dome. We drove to the museum thanks to the help from Google Maps and parked at a structure attached to the museum for the price of $5 for the whole day. The fact that we were paying a visit to the museum on Saturday meant the place wasn’t all that busy.

Our first stop in the museum was Itty Bitty Magic City. The area had all sorts of fun things which the kids could interact from an auto shop with cars to a diner with toy food. Note that when you check in at the museum, a time is assigned to you for how long you can stay at Itty Bitty Magic City.

The allotted time we got was about 90 minutes, but we ended up staying 15 minutes past that so, I’m not sure of how strict they are in enforcing the rules. After Itty Bitty Magic City, we made our way to the dinosaur exhibit where we saw a lot of informative displays and an area filled with sand to dig up fossils. There was also a virtual dinosaur which we had to outrun using stationary bikes.

We made our way to the third floor of the museum which hosted the art and technology exhibit. Video projectors were placed in strategic locations on the floor. On them, there were displays of nature and animals (a worm which didn’t want to be touched to rocks pouring down).

Beside the art exhibit was the place called Toytopia. We don’t know if the presentation is still on display as it was only a feature. The exhibition displayed the history of toys from how they started out as mere building blocks to the overly complicated video games that are now becoming more popular. The toy exhibit had board games such as Monopoly, Lego blocks, Lincoln logs, and arcade games. The fun part of this was that the toys were not only there to be looked at but also played with.

After Toytopia, we made our way to the lower level of the museum to get a fill of the shark tank and aquarium. The shallow shark tank was the size of a big house pool and had several stingrays and small sharks. We could easily reach into the water and pet the animals as they swam past us.

To round up our visit, we went up to the final floor hosting the giant-sized mouse house which the kids could easily climb in. There was also a bubble play area which had different sizes of bubble makers. We spent about 6 hours in total enjoying all the museum had to offer.

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