Polished Concrete

Concrete Polishing Birmingham, AL

As sustainable design continues to gain favor among homeowners, more and more people are starting to look towards polished concrete as a flooring option for their home or commercial building. There are many reasons why polished concrete floors are an excellent alternative to other traditional flooring materials such as hardwood or tile. Beyond their durability and low maintenance, polished concrete floors can be a beautiful and visually interesting choice for many different types of spaces. From showroom floors to residential basements, a polished concrete floor can provide you with long lasting beauty and functionality. At Southern Decorative Concrete, we provide professional residential and commercial concrete polishing services to give our clients in Birmingham, Alabama, the lustrous concrete flooring they envision for their property.

New Concrete Flooring

When installing a new polished concrete floor, our team is able to ensure that the work we produce meets the necessary requirements to provide maximum strength and durability for our clients. We know that the long-lasting and low maintenance nature of polished concrete flooring is what draws many of our clients to choose this option over other types of flooring and we want to make sure they are not disappointed in the final result. There are a variety of ways to create a custom look with polished concrete. From decorative aggregates to vibrant stains, there are many options for you to achieve the aesthetic you are looking for.

Concrete Floor Retrofitting

Polished concrete can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly flooring option where there is an existing concrete slab to work with right beneath your feet. Rather than spending money on additional materials to cover up your floor, you can take advantage of what is already there. Concrete polishing brings out the beauty and luster of exposed concrete surfaces. Through a gradual process of polishing and grinding, our experienced team will turn even the roughest and most unsightly concrete surfaces into a contemporary and luxurious floor for your home or business. We will make any necessary repairs to the concrete slab to ensure the final result is flawlessly smooth and even.


Many flooring materials are prone to problems such as mold growth, chipping, cracking, scratching, or staining. With polished concrete, you will not have to worry accidental impacts or abrasions destroying your floors. A concrete floor that has been properly installed and sealed has an extremely long life expectancy and requires minimal maintenance and upkeep in order to remain optimal in condition and appearance.

Easy to Maintain

Although special cleaning products designed for the maintenance of concrete floors exist, any scuffs or marks on a polished concrete floor can easily be mopped up or wiped away with nothing more than water. Unlike other types of flooring, waxing is not needed to help protect the surface or preserve its shine. Polished concrete is resistant to mold and mildew growth and does not harbor dust or allergens. This keeps the area sanitary and provides a healthy environment in which to live, work, or play.

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